I am a regular gadgets lover, like you. I don’t have a special lab, I don’t test the s**t out of every device I use. I just put any device through day-to-day use like a regular person would.

And I provide you my views on how useful a device is for a regular person – like you and me. I try to speak in English and not techspeak like a lot of the review sites out there.

My passions are music and photography, so you’ll find I focus heavily on these aspects for any device I review.

My reviews are based on gadgets I purchase out of pocket. I use any device as my primary driver – as much as possible. So any views you get from me will be based on real world use, not in a lab.

I hope you find my views useful. If you do find value in what I have to say, it would help me tremendously if you would spread the word a bit.

Feedback is welcome – please be constructive.

Thank you!


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